SmartCity develops IoT solutions that aim to solve problems that plague South African municipalities.

Blaza: How it works

Blaza is an IoT streetlight that measures noise and air pollution levels. The device allows residents (and prospective residents) to compare how noisy and polluted one part of the city is compared to another.

The streetlight allows residents to connect to it via WIFI and monitor information coming from the city (e.g. rates increses, strike and power cut notification).

Device Features

  • Air Pollution Sensors
  • Noise Level Sensors
  • Light Level Monitoring
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • LED Lights
  • Solar Powered

Scova: How it works

Scova is a shack fire reporting device. It is installed in an informal settlement and it allows residents to report fires and emergencies by pressing 1 button. The call is directed to the nearest fire station and they will be able to talk to the operator via the microphone and speaker located on the device. The device also monitors air and noise pollution levels.

Device Features

  • Panic Button
  • Speaker & Microphone
  • Air Pollution Sensor
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Noise Level Sensors
  • Solar Powered

diTsebe: How it works

diTsebe is a noise monitoring device. It’s designed to be installed near building that produce loud noises (e.g. Mosques, Churched & Night Clubs). The device is installed on top of an existing streetlight and it monitors the noise levels from the buildings. It issues an alert to municipalities when set noise levels are violated.

Device Features

  • Noise Level Monitoring
  • Solar Panel

Fiyela: How it Works

Fiyela is an IoT broom that enables municipal street sweepers to report certain incidents that they encounter as they sweep the street. They can report illegal dumping, leaking pipes and emergencies by pressing 1 of the 3 button located on the broom. The device will then send the GPS coordinates to the relevant department.

Device Features

  • Reporting Buttons
  • GPS Module
  • Status NeoPixel

EchoStone: How it Works

Echostone is tombstone tracking device. This device was designed to solve the problem of headstone theft faced by cemeteries. This device detects movement of the headstone and sends an alert. The device also tracks the movement of the tombstone. SmartCity developed the system for Bataung Memorials.

Device Features

  • Movement Detection
  • Tracker
  • Infini-Powered System (No Solar Power Required)



SmartCity uses microprocessors that can be paired with a range of sensors that enable us remotely measure and communicate the data geratated by our devices.

3D Model Design

SmartCity’s uses 3D modeling to design our IoT devices. This enable our in-house team to customise each one of our devices, based on the client’s requirements.

3D Printing

SmartCity uses 3D printing to manufacture the enclosures for our IoT devices. Our 3D Printing division (Taito 3D) enables us to rapidly produce our and customise our devices.

Artificial intelligence

SmartCity uses Artificial Intellegence (AI) platforms to process and visualise the information generated by our devices.

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